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Let Them Eat Cake!

So in addition to corporate functions we also work with clients on really fun events – milestone birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties etc. These events really let us show off our more “fun” side – one of the best parts is that have the opportunity work with all sorts of interesting vendors and create new and exciting elements for parties near and far. One of my favorite local vendors is Market Street Catering and this post is especially for their wonderful cake designer- Karen Dragutin. I have a pretty vivid imagination and can come up with some zany ideas for a party at times. And I absolutely hate being told NO by anyone…so as you can see being a regular vendor for me can be difficult (in the best possible way of course). Karen has been a fabulous resource for me over the years and I wanted to highlight three cakes she has worked on for my clients – because I think they show the level of skill and artistry available right here in Bellingham. When I first moved here from Seattle I was a bit worried about finding some of the speciality vendors for complicated projects but I have been astounded and elated at the level of craftsmanship and wide array of possibilities right here in Bellingham.

The “pillow” cake is actually 3 separate cakes- yes those are all cake- and was a huge hit at an Arabian Nights Birthday Party. The “poker” cake was also a birthday cake for a 95th birthday party for a lady who loves the dice and the small white “anniversary” cake looks simple but the flour d’lis is actually an exact replica of the artist designed one of the couple’s invitations and therefore is much trickier in cake than you would think.

Check out these cakes and let me know what you think- and the best part…..They tasted AMAZING!

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